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Staff Outsourcing/Managed Services

This service involves the deployment and management of specified type(s) of staff to organisations under an outsource framework, with the underlying contract being the provision of measurable services to the client and achievement of pre-agreed milestones within agreed periods. Such outsource-able staff and services include the following:

  • Graduate Trainees: Fresh graduates from universities without previous work experience.
  • IT and Technical Personnel: This category attracts persons with competences in Information Technology, computing and/or technical administration of machines and mechanical tools and processes within industrial and back-office environment.
  • Marketing Officers: Candidates suitable for roles in marketing must be persons with ability to engage other people; to deliver sales messages and indeed sell ideas or products and services.
  • Bank Tellers: These are customer-facing employees to manage deposits and withdrawal services and also keep records of all such transactions in banks on a day-to-day basis.
  • Service Supervisors: This is a versatile position for male and female with some level of experience to manage performance of subordinates and general service delivery and individual and team performances within work schedules in any industry.
  • Customer Service Officers: In a customer-facing environment, candidates for customer service jobs are usually persons with responsibilities of managing expectations of customers at different levels and as such must have charming disposition and proven interpersonal relationship skills.
  • Guest Relations Officers: This role attracts candidates with high level of exposure, proven sense of courtesy and interpersonal communications and relationship skills to interact with people and offer them comfort within the standard obtainable in the hospitality industry globally.
  • Product Specialist: Highly skilled individuals with proven industry experience, specialized and cognate, to be able to investigate and ascertain needs and gaps in the lives of people or in systems to be filled and also develop appropriate product concepts across industries and sectors of the economy.
  • Security Officers: Mostly ex-police officers and ex-military officers as well as able-bodied men and women deemed fit enough for the enduring demands and discipline of a para-military organization.
  • Executive Drivers: Drivers under the XL Outsourcing system must undergo a physical and emotional assessment in addition to the mandatory driving test and verification of the National Driver’s License which is a requirement of all applicants applying for an Executive Driver position
  • Office Assistants: At entry level position, office assistants must possess a charming disposition and proven ability to provide consistent support for other employees within the office to keep the operations running smoothly by the day and in accordance to their job descriptions or expectations of management.
  • Cleaners: Cleaners must meet minimum entry level qualification and demonstrate proven abilities to keep the office environment clean at all times.

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